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Success is as much about one’s cognitive condition as it is hard work, competence and practice – especially during stressful, unpredictable times.


High performance coaches have long used brain science-based techniques to help elite athletes, military leaders, and C-Suite executives to gain focus, resilience, and agility.

Now anyone can gain the same advantage by using Think-X.

A science-based, analytical system that pinpoints the thinking needed to achieve desired behavior and outcomes.

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Find out and fix the thinking that is holding back your desired outcomes – both personally and professionally

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Hire and develop excellent employees for top performing teams and more collaborative cultures.

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Grow and differentiate your business by offering a proven way to help your clients thrive, too.

More Productive Thinking Enables Desired Outcomes

While traditional assessments categorize people according to personality, intelligence, and behaviors, Think-X goes deeper to identify, measure, and correct counterproductive thinking. Freed from cognitive constraints, individuals and teams achieve higher levels of productivity, performance, and wellbeing.

Decades of clinical research and practical application with thousands of individuals and employers including:


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