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The Think-X Process

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Think-Xchange provides continuous support throughout your self-development journey and a library of resources curated by our Think Xperts for a low, monthly subscription.

When you sign up for Xchange, you get:

  • Licenses to take the Discover Diagnostic
  • Personalized insight into your specific Human Potential Indicators (HPIs)
  • An Activate technology-assisted coaching program tailored to you
  • A place to connect with other growth-minded human potential activators, get and give knowledge, inspire and be inspired
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Patented Diagnostic

Anchored in brain science, Think-X Discover is a patented, validated and unbiased diagnostic that measures 12 Human Potential Indicators (HPIs). In as little as 10 minutes you’ll receive a personalized report, a video explaining your results and coaching tips for immediate improvement.


Personalized eCoaching

Think-X Activate takes your Discover diagnostic data into a personalized, technology-assisted program that teaches you how to create more productive, natural thinking patterns.

Do your 6-week program on your own, with a small group, or work 1:1 with a Think-X Certified Coach.

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