Activate Your Coaching Potential

Think-X gives you a scientific, systematic way to coach

You became a coach to help people reach their fullest potential. It’s rewarding because it’s meaningful, and you’re very good at it.

But it can also be frustrating because finding clients is time-consuming and takes away from your love of coaching. And no matter which tools you use, it’s challenging to demonstrate tangible results.

  • Receive clients – Do great coaching with already engaged Think-X clients.
  • Differentiate yourself – Gain a respected credential and unique toolkit that distinguishes you and your coaching services.
  • Show results – Use the Think-X analytics and systematic approach to show quantitative evidence of your clients’ – and your own – coaching success.

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Think-X for Coaches Downloadable PDF
Think-X for Coaches

See for yourself how Think-X’s scientific diagnostic along with technology-assisted coaching technology can amp up how you work with individuals or entire organizations.

Judy Hoberman, President, Selling in a Skirt

As a coach, I have been looking for an evaluative resource that would help my clients identify the best path to their success. None of the tools available had the results I was looking for. Think-X gave me the missing piece. Not only will it be great for my clients, but it is a tool that I needed for my toolbelt. As a certified coach for Think-X, I can offer my clients a complete program for their best performance.

Judy Hoberman

President, Selling In A Skirt

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