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What employees think impacts – and predicts – how they and the overall team performs.

Today’s need for remote work creates new challenges when it comes to managing and motivating teams and building collaborative cultures. We look at performance, skills development, and retention differently now.

How agile is your current workforce? How can you be sure you’re making the best hiring decisions to meet your organizational goals?

Think-X gives you a view into how your current and future employees thinking patterns align with the jobs in they’re in and the jobs you’re looking to fill.

Custom Solutions

We realize every industry and job type has unique needs.
Our team of Human Performance Activators includes experts in the following markets:

Private Equity & Venture Capital

Revenue Officers & VP of Sales

Benefit Administration Providers

Hire & Develop with Unbiased Insight


Traditionally, recruiters have tried to predict job success from a candidate’s experience, intelligence, or personality. However, a new hire’s performance will be directly related to how they think – especially when they are stressed.

Think-X Hire quickly identifies candidates that think just like your top performers. Using a patented process, Think-X Hire creates a Top Performer Template (TPT) that provides an unbiased, EEOC-compliant analysis of a candidate’s fit. Recruiters can quickly sift through seemingly similar applicants and select only those that are sure to succeed.

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Job Candidates


Use Think-X Score to identify and address both individual and team development opportunities.

Together with a Think-X Score organizational expert, we’ll analyze the individual and aggregate team Discover diagnostic results to identify potential interpersonal friction, personal thinking and behavioral obstacles, and other ways to optimize your team’s potential.

With the unbiased insight, you can better manage each employee and enable more effective collaboration. To enable ongoing self-development, each employee can take advantage of the Think-X Activate e-coaching system and Think-Xchange community.


Ensure Your Team’s Success with Targeted Think-X Training

Think-X for Managers –  Learn how to motivate your team and provide accountability coaching with this Think-X introduction.

Think-X for Recruiters – Learn how to use Think-X Hire to quickly find the candidates that fit the precise job competencies and your organization’s culture.

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Hear from leaders and managers like you who’ve discovered and activated their organizational performance with Think-X.

Nick Cooke, Co-founder and Chief Revenue Officer, The Suite

Think-X lets our members upskill their thinking, so they raise their executive presence and performance.

Nick Cooke

Co-founder and Chief Revenue Officer, The Suite

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