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ThinkX Remote workers leverage tech to stay connected

Technology is Transforming Employer Success Under COVID-19 Conditions

Jul 2, 2020

In spite of the many losses, employers have also had experienced some gains as a consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to valuing our employees and the work they perform employers have a greater appreciation for how technologies are showing up to help their employees step up.

Whether in the office or remotely located, employers are leveraging Innovative solutions to manage, communicate, and re-imagine how work gets done. Following are some of the more innovative tools and technologies making it not only possible, but convenient and affordable to git ‘er done! Hiring Success Under COVID-19 Conditions:


Zoom is a verb


We couldn’t begin a “working remote” list without beginning with Zoom. “Zoom” has joined the ranks of Amazon and Google as a brand and a verb. Used for virtual meetings and group chats and embedded in calendar invites and office conversations (“just zoom me”), Zoom tops the charts for tech making talk without touch meaningful.

To help benefit managers to relay critical information in real-time to furloughed, laid off and remote workers, check out the Viveka Health mobile benefits management solution. Like many organizations wanting to make a contribution, Viveka is offering its app for free to unions, third-party administrators and employers for the duration of the coronavirus pandemic.

To help employers manage, track and maintain staff well-being, e-days is offering leave tracking software that allows employees to notify their employer when they are required to “self-isolate” to prevent the spreading of the coronavirus. This saves the employer and the employee time and money processing absentees, as well as better plan for staff resources.

To help workers function at their best even during the worst, Think-X offers a unique and patented Think-X Discover profile to measure the subconscious algorithms in an employee’s thinking and gives them the tools and coaching to elevate employee performance short- and long-term. Their technology is also key to more strategic hiring for the crisis and beyond.

To aid employees in adjusting to a completely new routine and the effects of spending so much time indoors, dayzz is offering employers their sleep health training program free for 90 days.

To help employees stay active, manage stress and get better sleep during the pandemic, employers can make the Virgin Pulse well-being hub available. The self-service site offers COVID-19 resources including free access to leading fitness, mental resilience, nutrition and financial well-being partner programs from Aaptiv, Enrich, meQuilibrium, Monj, Whil and Zipongo.

Employees working in make-shift remote offices may find themselves experiencing low back pain as a result of mis-matched furniture with poor ergonomics. Telespine provides online digital tools and resources for employees to maintain or manage back health without the need to leave their home.

In addition to the self-service digitally-enabled capabilities, these above solutions include a good dose of human interaction via coaching, customer support, or face-to-face engagement.



Let’s Get Social (All While Social Distancing)


And let’s agree that COVID-19 has some unexpected perks: across the Zooming, Skyping, Slacking, and Social Media-ing, tech is keeping the affected connected:
• Twitter – Where our US President shares his minute-by-minute playbook of COVID-19 updates and decisions (for good or bad) and the rest of the world gets to chime in
• LinkedIn – Where organizations share their extraordinary efforts in providing support for their customers and partners
• Instagram – Where real-time updates keep followers following
• Facebook – Where everything from cooking recipes to humor brings some reprieve
• YouTube – Where viewers can share a jam or offer step-by-step hobby instructions
• Pinterest – Where quarantine home office, fashion and projects inspire the “possible”

Don’t wait for a “new normal” to get back to business as usual. Instead, create a “new above average” – where tech can ensure your top performers outperform – during COVID-19 and for years to come!

Contributed by Constance Sjoquist, Chief Executive Officer, Chief Transformation Officer
Healthcare Industry Expert and Think-X Board Advisor