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Think-X Rebrands, Reorgs, and Relaunches Company

Nov 16, 2020

New direction empowers everyone to discover and activate human potential

San Luis Obispo, CA (Nov. 16, 2020) — Based on pre- and post-pandemic market opportunity, Think-X, Inc. is changing its business, marketing, and sales strategy to focus on human potential discovery and activation. The company now offers organizational hiring and talent management solutions, as well as individual development and coaching certification programs.

All Think-X offerings leverage a patented, EEOC-compliant, and validated psychodynamic diagnostic that measures twelve Human Potential Indicators (HPIs). The analytical results generate a highly personalized, technology-assisted coaching program that can be used to activate human potential in the individual, team, and overall organization. Rooted in science and brain training techniques used by elite athletes, military, and C-suite executives, Think-X now gives this high-performance advantage to everyone.

To execute this transformation, three new executives have joined the Think-X leadership team:

  • Ted Malley, Chief Executive Officer – with over 25 years in the HCM software industry ranging from ADP, Ultimate Software, and most recently Ceridian, Ted brings a wealth of entrepreneurial knowledge and leadership to Think-X. Ted will work alongside Chris McSwain, President and COO, to help grow and scale Think-X.
  • Gene Guhne, Chief Revenue Officer – After several leadership roles at ADP, Gene was Vice President of Sales at Ultimate Software where he helped drive the revenue growth that took Ultimate’s market cap from $10 million to $8 billion dollars. Thereafter, he helped Ceridian build out their large market teams helping to acquire Ceridian’s largest client with more than 150,000 employees.
  • Alyssa Dver, Chief Marketing Officer – As CEO of the American Confidence Institute, 7-time bestselling author and 2-time TEDx speaker, Alyssa is recognized as the confidence science expert. In addition to her own 6 entrepreneurial successes, Alyssa has been CMO for early stage organizations in various vertical markets with notable HR/HR Tech companies including PeopleDoc, Globoforce, and Cambria Consulting.

Reflecting the new strategy, organization, and messaging, a new website was launched with new products as well as a new URL ( Target customers include HR/Talent Management professionals, recruiters, executive coaches, and partners offering complementary products/services that help people learn, grow, and thrive. Custom solutions already engaged include private equity, law enforcement, chief revenue officers, benefits administration and wellbeing providers. Individual consumers can also upskill using Think-X.

“It’s a thrilling time for all Think-X stakeholders,” noted Ted Malley, CEO. “We are uniquely positioned to help organizations that desperately need more efficient and effective ways to hire and develop top talent, while individuals also are hungry to remove counterproductive thinking that may be gating their personal or professional success.”

About Think-X:
Think-X empowers everyone to discover and activate human potential by leveraging over 25 years of clinical research and coaching experience together with brain science and scalable technology. Growth-minded individuals, organizations, and executive coaches use Think-X to quickly identify and develop more productive thinking patterns to drive desired personal and professional results.

A patented, validated, and EEOC-compliant Think-X diagnostic first measures 12 Human Potential Indicators (HPIs). Using the diagnostic data as an accelerated starting point, Think-X then tailors a technology-assisted coaching program that can be used independently, in a small group, or one-on-one with a Think-X certified coach. Aggregated diagnostic data can create top performer templates that enable more predictive hiring decisions and strategic human capital management.

Discover and activate human potential for yourself, your organization, your clients at