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25+ years of clinical research and coaching experience together with brain science and scalable technology

Think-X has been used to discover and activate the human potential of thousands of individuals and to support non-biased, EEOC-compliant human capital management.

Actionable answers in minutes: :

A patented diagnostic* measures 12 Human Potential Indicators (HPIs) and immediately sends an easy-to-read, personalized report including expert coaching tips.

Accessible & Affordable Coaching Options:

The diagnostic data creates a targeted online coaching program that can be done independently, in a small group, or one-on-one with a Think-X certified coach.

Data Driven Talent Management: Aggregate data enables EEOC-compliant Top Performer Templates (TPTs) for more predictive hiring, effective team development, and strategic human capital planning.


The patented Think-X diagnostic measures twelve (12) Human Potential Indicators (HPIs) that impact individual root source thinking and performance. The diagnostic results are used to deliver targeted, personalized coaching (self-service, small group, or one-on-one) that incorporates cognitive-behavioral principles towards activating sustained neuroplastic change. Participants use brain training techniques and self-awareness exercises to align accurate self-beliefs to trigger more productive mindsets, behaviors and outcomes.

Results are maintained through ongoing self-monitoring, as-needed coaching, and voluntary community participation. This process has been administered successfully with thousands of individuals and supports non-biased, EEOC-compliant human capital analytics.

To improve hiring and talent planning, aggregate diagnostic data can be used in combination with the organization’s desired job competencies and attributes to develop Top Performer Templates (TPT). The TPTs provide a quick and objective filter to efficiently select the best fitting candidates and identify talent development opportunities within existing teams.

* U.S. Patent US8651871

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