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Chris McSwain is interviewed on a podcast

What is Performance Thinking and Why Does it Change Everything?

Apr 13, 2020

Think-X CEO Featured on Special 2-Part Program on Illuminate HR Podcast

Myrtle Beach, SC (April 10, 2020) – Chris McSwain, Co-Founder and CEO of Think-X was interviewed recently in a two-part broadcast of the Illuminate HR Podcast with Nate Randall “Discussions With Visionary Thought Leaders Across the Human Work Life Continuum.” On this show, Nate interviews luminaries and change-makers in the HR space who bring a fresh and unique perspective on the issues facing HR managers at every level.

In part one of the broadcast, Chris discusses his time at employee benefits changemakers such as Whirlpool and Walmart as well as the influence you can have when you make it personal for decision makers.

Chris was working with industry leaders and was known for the innovation he led, yet he still felt frustrated by the limitations of programs to truly impact individual employee lives. “Despite your best efforts to put great programming in place, there is often an unsatisfying level of employee engagement,” said Chris in the interview. “I felt like we were always chasing downstream problems. I was asked to review two companies, and one of them was Think-X. What I found in Think-X was something I had never encountered in all my years in HR.”

Listen to Part I

In part two, Chris introduces Think-X and the singular technology that allows HR decision makers and C-Suite executives to pull back the curtain on the subconscious “drivers” in our brains to reveal and improve “Performance Thinking.”

“Carnegie research says life is 15% circumstances and 85% how you respond. Think-X really addresses that 85%,” said Chris. “Your subconscious comes from your life events. Your life events influence your beliefs. Our thinking is built on your beliefs, and your beliefs impact how you act at work, at home and in your community,” he continued.
“In about 10 minutes, the Think-X profile scientifically measures and graphs 12 areas of how you think at the subconscious level. Then, Think-X can help you shift the way you think in these 12 areas, in only weeks. It’s very dramatic but it’s also very simple and easy to understand.”

Chris goes on to share how the Think-X platform can powerfully impact personal and professional development, hiring, and the overall performance of individuals and companies through audit, coaching and development.

Listen to Part II

About Illuminate HR Podcast
Illuminate HR Podcast offers discussions with visionary thought leaders across the human work life continuum. Topics range from managing the physical, financial, and emotional demands of the modern workforce to the latest ways of providing a superior employee experience.

About Think-X
Think-X partners with organizations to optimize human potential, hiring, and organizational results through an exclusive performance system. Based on neuroscience, the patented Think-X Discover Profile measures and maps the subconscious algorithms in our brain. The thinking behind our thinking, actions, responses and communication. This targeted map also enables individuals to create significant and sustainable improvements in just weeks.

The Think-X platform integrates with and enhances all Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), Candidate Management Software, personality and strengths profiles (D.I.S.C., Myers-Briggs, Strengths Finder, Maxwell Leadership, Enneagram, EQi 2.0, etc.) and all other leadership training initiatives. The Discover profile also supports individual personal and professional growth in conjunction with 1:1, group or e-coaching.

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